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Training Your Dog: The “Pawsitives” of Positive Reinforcement

Did you know that your dog naturally wants to please you? For this, and many reasons, positive reinforcement is renowned as the most effective method of dog training. It trains towards behaviour and obedience rather than responses and builds trust between the owner (and walker) and their dog.

To simply practice positive reinforcement, praise and reward good behavior. If you are trying to teach or reinforce your dog commands, you will want to reward the dog every time he or she properly follows the command and is obedient in what you’re asking of them. For example, if you want him to “come”; you will say “come” and reward him immediately when he/she has done so.

To reinforce and to change a “negative” behaviour like jumping; rather than saying “no” and punishing, tell them to “sit” and reward them with a treat when they have abided by your command. Remember to speak clearly, be consistent and to be patient in the learning process!

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