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Common Signs of Stress in Dogs and Cats

Life can be stressful, even for dogs and cats.  The way animals exhibit stress can sometimes be harder to see.  Here are some common signs of stress in dogs and cats that can help you stay in tune with your pet’s emotions:

Lack of appetite
Abnormal shedding
Excessive licking/grooming
Excessive meowing/barking
Accidents in the home

What can cause stress in your pet?
Dogs and cats can be very sensitive creatures that changes, though however small, can affect their stress level.  There are many obvious reasons why a pet is stressed.  Loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms are a common stressor.  Other reasons can include strangers in the home, illness, or separation anxiety.

What can you do to help alleviate stress for your pet?
Exercise can be a huge help.  Like humans, exercising can help release stress and build up their confidence.  Getting fresh air and a good walk can help reset anyone’s mind.
Mental stimulation is always a good go to for stress release.  Getting their mind off what’s bothering them and having them focus on another task can be very beneficial.
Chewing on something like a rawhide or toy can give your pet a release!

safe space is always a good idea too, especially when there are fireworks/thunderstorms, or you have people over.  Somewhere like a crate if that’s where they feel comfortable or a bed in a darker, smaller space can help them. Whatever your pooch feels the most comfortable with!

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