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Pet Preparedness

In today’s world, I think it is safe to say “expect the unexpected” as anything can happen in life. June is “Pet Preparedness” month; a month that reminds us to be prepared for anything and have a plan when it comes to your pet.

Here are 4 tips on how to be prepared:

  1. Updated Identification.
    Ensure your pet is microchipped so that they can be reunited with you if they are ever lost and found. Keep their information up to date in the microchipping database, as well as keeping any ID tags updated.
  2. Have a plan.
    If you must leave your home, have a plan of where you can go with your pet. Make sure that it is pet friendly and a safe space, whether it be at a friend or family member’s house or a pet friendly hotel.  Keep a list of numbers you need. Practice your emergency plan and ensure your pet is comfortable and calm in a carrier if needed.
  3. Make an emergency kit.
    An emergency preparedness kit can include:
    -A pet first aid kit
    -Water/food bowls with a few days’ worth of food and a few bottles of water
    -Poop bags/litter
    -Contact information for anyone you would need to contact for help. This includes family members, friends and vets.
  4. Backup plan.
    If you cannot make it home to get to your pet, enlist help from a neighbour or trusted friend that is nearby. Have them practice your evacuation plan and ensure they know where your emergency kit is.  Also, place a sticker on your front door that identifies the pet(s) that are in your home to signal an emergency service worker to search your home for them.
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