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Feline Body Language: What Is Your Cat Telling You?

Whether the flick of a tail or the perk of their ears, cats are quite the expressive creatures! While cats do have verbal cues and verbal forms of communication with humans (like meowing, purring, and hissing), we’re here to help you understand what some of the most common cat body language and movements are telling you. 


If their pupils are normal, they’re calm and in a “relaxed” state. If their pupils are dilated and/or have narrowed, this indicates their adrenaline has kicked in and they’re ready to play!


Tails swaying and flicking in a “C” position indicates your cat is relaxed. An upright tail also indicates a happy kitty! However, if your cat’s tail is wagging low or is in a “hook-like” position, they’re ready to play (or prey!). Finally, a tail with their fur standing on it’s end is a warning sign – either they’re mad or frightened. 


A cat’s ears can sometimes look like a satellite antenna, but they can also communicate non-verbally how your cat is feeling! If your cat’s ears are forward, this means they are alert and/or happy. If they have what we call “airplane ears” and are either flat or to the side, this means they are irritated or frightened. If your cat’s ears are they simply moving around frequently, this is just your cat’s way to be attentive and follow the sounds they are hearing!

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