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About Us

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Why Us

  • On leash group walks
  • Smaller group sizes – 5 max
  • Operated since 2007
  • Flexible schedules
  • Same walker everyday
  • Backup walker for when your walker is away or sick
  • Always accessible
  • Cover almost all of Toronto
  • Online software with real time feedback
  • Mandatory Meet and Greets before the walks or visits start

What We Do

  • Choose our packs based on personality, size, age and health
  • You receive an email after each walk or visit along with a photo
  • Only hire the best and have taken steps to improve our hiring process. We screen, trial and train until we feel they are ready to go on their own
  • Personalized care. We will work closely with you to provide services that meet your pets needs
  • Can accommodate same day requests, weekend and holiday requests and more

Who We Are

  •  Our staff believe in physical health and mental stimulation
  • Build a sense of community. We stay connected with other like minded dog walkers and trainers
  • Great relationships with clients
  • Experienced, dedicated and professional dog walkers
  • We continue to educate through seminars and classes
  • Encourage positive methods while on the walks with the use treats and positive reinforcement
  • Our walkers and sitters are compassionate, focused, and have been trained to understand dog behavior at every stage of life