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May 1st is International Samoyed Day!  This breed is so beloved that a whole day was declared all about them!  If you’re not familiar with this white, fluffball of a breed, here are a few fun facts!

  1. The Samoyed Smile
    Did you know that the Samoyed can smile? With their black gums visible (especially against their white fur), their smile can almost be infectious and is known as the “Sammie smile”.  However, the reason for their smile is not the one we assume.  The Samoyed “smiles” to prevent drool from coming out of the corners of their mouths.  This prevents drool icicles to form in cold temperatures.
  2. Cold Weather Dogs
    The Samoyed is what we call a “winter dog”. With their thick white, fluffy, double coat, they are prepared to endure the harsh weather and can even be found having naps in the winter.  They use their long fluffy tails to keep their noses warm.
  3. Odorless?
    Samoyeds are known to not have that typical doggy odor. This is due to their double coats and the lack of dander, which also means they are less likely to cause allergies!
  4. Samoyeds Can Sing!
    A Samoyed is known for their “yodel” like voice! They are genetically like wolves and are known to howl in high-pitched voices.  This howling can be very loud sometimes.  You can find many singing Samoyeds online and can even find ‘how to’ guides on how to get your Samoyed to sing if you are interested.
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