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September is Happy Cat Month

A happy cat means a happy life. With September being Happy Cat Month, it’s important to make sure our feline friends are happy too.  But how do you know if your cat is happy? They are creatures who like to send some mixed messages, that’s for sure. Here are some signs that your cat is happy!

Being vocal
High pitched meows and long conversations with you are all signs of a happy cat. Purring usually is a sign of a content cat as well, though sometimes this is not always the case.  Pay attention to the pitch of the meows to help determine how your cat is feeling.  Purring during inappropriate times can be an indicator that something is wrong.

Cats love staying clean. A healthy appearance is a sure sign of a happy cat. Some cats with other feline friends even love to groom one another, which is another sign of contentment.  Even better, grooming you is one of the biggest signs that they are pleased. Licking offers an endorphin released like a runner’s high. If they don’t keep clean it can be an indicator that something is physically wrong.

A relaxed cat is a happy cat. Feet tucked in with a calm demeanor is a relaxed cat. Cats like to shrink and appear small when they are happy. Laying on their backs and showing off their bellies is another sign of happiness.

Playing is a definite indicator that your cat is happy.  They are natural hunters so it’s important to keep their minds occupied with prey toys. Encouraging jumping, bouncing and swatting at toys can keep your cat content with hours of play.

An obvious sign of a happy cat is a healthy appetite. A lack of interest in food is a cause for concern, but also a cat who eats too much can be a warning sign.  Just like humans, overeating can be psychological and a sign of stress or sadness.

Physical Contact
Cats are the boss of physical contact.  Greeting you when you wake up or arrive back home, sleeping next to you or rubbing against you are all indicators that your cat is happy.

Cats are curious in nature. When they show interest in new things and are curious about their surroundings, they are pleased with life.  Having a window that your cat can look out at will help their spirits stay high as they are intrigued with their surroundings.

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