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Black Dog Syndrome

Have you ever heard of the term “Black Dog Syndrome”? If not, it’s a stereotype that black dogs are picked last at shelters.  This is a phenomenon that states lighter coloured dogs tend to be favoured when adopters are choosing a dog. It is unproven, but shelter workers around the world feel the effects of this syndrome.

Those of us who have been lucky to be loved by black dogs can find confusion in this theory. What is the reasoning behind it? Some researchers suggest stereotypes that bigger, black dogs are more aggressive are a big cause. Other beliefs are black dogs aren’t as easy to see when looking in a cage, facial expressions aren’t as distinguished in dim lighting, they look older and therefore less desirable.  There is even the stigma of superstition that is placed on them (black cats experience this too!).

With October 1st being National Black Dog Day, we wanted to give a few reasons why you should adopt a black dog.

  1. Colour doesn’t change love. Black dogs are just as loving and loyal as any other colour.
  2. They look clean! Get your sunglasses, folks! That black, shiny fur glistening in the sun will stun anyone! They’re also sneaky and will hide dirt well.
  3. Picture ready. That black fur is always ready to impress. They won’t clash with anything.
  4. Snow days = picture days. Our black-furred friends are sure to POP in the wintry weather. So make sure your camera is ready when the snow hits.
  5. They’re hotter! That black fur absorbs heat, meaning they are the perfect snuggling companion.
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