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Pet Pain Awareness

September is Animal Pain Awareness month.  Sometimes the signs of pain in an animal are obvious. However, our pets can be very stoic creatures. Since our pets can’t tell us what hurts, it is important to recognize what could be a sign of pain in your animal so that you can visit your veterinarian and determine what the cause it.  Paying attention to your pet’s behaviour and knowing the signs of pain can help them have a more enjoyable life and might even catch certain life-threatening conditions early enough to treat.

Here are some common signs of pain in animals.

Obvious signs of pain:
Biting/scratching at your if you touch a particular spot

Signs of chronic pain:
Difficulty doing stairs
Licking/grooming a particular area
Decreased activity
Changes in posture
Guarding behaviour
Decreased appetite
Difficulty getting up/laying down
Changes in breathing/panting for unknown reason
Lack of interest in walks
Arched back

As a dog ages, it’s easy to label these signs as “they are just getting older”.  However, this is not always the case. There can be many causes of such symptoms and going to the vet to determine the cause is what is best. We love our animals so much so we should try to have them live a pain-free life as best as possible.

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