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Happy National Schnauzer Day!  This fun-loving, comical, bearded breed is worth having a whole day about them.  Here are some fun facts to help us celebrate!

Three Types!
There are three types of Schnauzers: The Miniature, The Standard and The Giant.  The most popular of the three is the Miniature Schnauzer. The Standard Schnauzer is the original size, with the other two breeds being developed after.

Once upon a time, a Schnauzer’s whiskers served as protection.  When matted together, the protected the, from being bitten by the rodents they were bred to hunt.

Their name comes from the German word, “schnauzer”, which means snout or muzzle.  However, they weren’t originally called Schnauzers but were first called the Wire-haired Pinscher instead.

The Schnauzer is in the top for intelligent dog breeds.  Nicknamed “the dog with the human brain”, they are easily trained and love a mental work out with puzzles or tricks.

Long Lives
Schnauzers tend to be a healthy breed, living between 12-14 years which is nearly double than other similar sized breeds.

A Schnauzer is a devoted and loyal breed who bond with the whole family. They are known to have a ‘heart of humans’ so expect a lot of love from this breed.

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