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Ginger Cats

Happy Ginger Cat Appreciation Day!  In honour of these good-looking cats, we wanted to share a few fun facts that make them so special!

Boys, boys, boys!
4 out of 5 orange tabby cats are males.  So, if you’re getting a ginger cat, expect it to be a boy!

‘Loud’ Personality
Orange cats are known to have wonderful personalities that are loving, curious and friendly.  They are one of the chattiest of the cats, so expect to have a lot of conversations with a lot of laughs.

Agouti Gene
All orange cats have a patterned effect on their coats, caused by the agouti gene.  This means that their coats are never completely solid.

Pheomelanin is a pigment that gives the orange tabby their colouring.  This same pigment is the same for human red heads!

‘M’ on the Head!
On an orange tabby cat’s head you will find an ‘M’ marking.  It is usually very distinctive.

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