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CATober 9th!

Let’s be honest, shelter cats are awesome.  However, how do you know when you celebrate their birthday?  The largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption agency, North Shore Animal League, has come up with a solution.  October 9th, otherwise known as CATober 9th, is now deemed the universal birthday of shelter cats.  Cats have 9 lives as we know, so this date sounds pretty perfect!

There are many ways you can celebrate:

  • Purchase a new toy
  • Donate to a local animal shelter
  • Get your catnip on
  • Provide a new view
  • Love and scratches (but only until they say enough)
  • Spend quality time together

Cats are not complicated creatures. Whatever you choose to do, be sure that quality time together is at the top of the list.  Happy Birthday to all the shelter cats out there!

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