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Photo Tips for Pets

With it being National Dog Photography Day, we thought it would be fun to help research how to take the best pictures of our pets!

Here are some tips of the trade!

Get down on their level.

This changes the perspective a bit and opens a more personal and intimate side of your pet.

The details are key!

Do certain parts of your dog make you go crazy with what we call “cute aggression”? Now is the time to release some of that pent-up love and focus on the details, like that sweet wet nose, that little stubby tail, or those furry paws that you just want to squeeze. These can be some of the most adorable parts of your dog and shouldn’t be missed capturing.

Background check.

Choose a background that is simple. Try to contrast your dog’s colour with the world around them to make them pop.

Don’t use the flash.

A flash can startle a dog, so best to keep that flash off! Use warm, natural sunlight for the best shot of pets.

Keep your pup focused.

Use treats or a squeaky toy to help keep their eyes on the camera. Warning: if using treats, don’t get your camera too close as this is the “splash zone” for those droolers out there. Also remember to reward afterwards too!

Want a smile?

Looking for that tongue out, happy expression? Do a few fetch games with your pup first! This will get them a bit calmer to stay for a picture and get that side tongue smile to happen!

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