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5 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog This Summer

It’s always fun to try new things with your pet, and summer is the best time to do it! Here are 5 fun games to try out with your dog this summer.

  1. Hide and Seek
    This one has two versions and your pup will sure love both!
    Version 1: Get your dog to leave the room and grab some of his favourite, smelly treats. Hide the treats around the room then ask your dog to come back in. He will have fun searching for those hidden gems.
    Version 2: While your dog is in another room or busy with another family member, hide in another room.  Once you’ve found a good spot, call your dog to find you.  This can provide lots of entertainment for both you and your pup!
  2. Kong Stuffed Goodness
    Your dog will always appreciate some extra treats, and a goody-stuffed Kong is a must have! This will keep your pet busy and happy for a few minutes at least! You can even freeze some peanut butter or cream cheese in a Kong on those hot summer days and give it to your pet to enjoy as a “cool down”.
  3. Water Games
    Dogs who enjoy the water are the best companions to take to the beach! You can play fetch on land and in the water and have hours of fun! If you don’t live near a beach, a little pool or sprinkler can be fun too. Remember to always supervise your pup in the water!
  4. Agility Course
    This can be done inside or outside. If inside, be creative and use things you have in your home like towels or small benches (depending on the size of your dog); if outside, you can use everyday objects like sticks, benches or a backpack of yours to help create a small course. Walk your dog through it a few times until they get the hang of it, then have your dog sit at the beginning and call them over.
  5. New Tricks
    The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is totally wrong! Older dogs are great students and love learning new things.  Since they are old pros and have mastered the basic commands, you can have a little fun. Play the “name game” and teach them names for their different furry toys.  Have patience, keep sessions short and remember to include lots of praise and treats!
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