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How to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

Did you know that dogs sweat through their paws? Or that they pant to cool themselves off?  With all that fur, they have some ways to cool themselves off, however during hot summer months, they need our help!

Here are some ways to help keep your pet cool this summer:

Fresh water and shade are a must.

Bring a collapsible bowl and water everywhere you go. Take breaks on your walks and stick to the shade as much as possible.

Pick the right time of day for a walk.

The mid-day heat peak can be fun for you but isn’t the best time of day for your dog. Early mornings or evenings are the ideal times for pets in the summer to have long walks. Watch the pavement as well. Walking on hot asphalt can burn your dog’s paws. If it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your pet’s paws. Try to stick to grassy areas or trails as they tend to be shaded and cooler on their paws.

No Hot Cars.

If you are running an errand, leave your dog at home. It is nice to have your furry companion by your side, but leaving them in a hot car, even with the windows cracked, is dangerous.  The temperature in a car can rise so fast that your pup is left hot, stressed, and panicked. You don’t want to risk your dog’s life or health, so leave them at home or take them places where they can go with you.

Cooling accessories

You can help your dog keep cool with things like:

-A cooling vest
-Cooling dog toys (these can be frozen and are fun!)
-A doggy pool
-A cooling bed

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