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Human-Animal Relationships

The human-animal relationship holds power.  So much power that they sometimes rival relationships we have with other people.  This dynamic relationship has supported a whole week dedicated to the human-animal relationship.  This year, Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week is celebrated From November 13th-19th.  It was created in 2016 by a nonprofit human-animal relationship think tank called Animals & Society Institute to highlight the human-animal relationship, the importance of the connection we share as well as educate people to consider an animal’s well-being as high priority.

Our animals can sense everything going on within us – our moods, physical states, etc.  We give animals their basic needs plus the love needed to have a healthy and happy life.  But what do they give us? Sometimes it’s beyond words, but we will try to sum up the benefits that animals give us.

Pets help us alleviate stress by lowering our heart rate and blood pressure.  It is proven that we have a faster recovery from anything that causes a spike in these things when we have an animal around for support.  Petting an animal lowers our cortisol levels (a stress related hormone).  If you feel stress coming on, get those pets going!

An animal sometimes can be the cure to loneliness.  They can fill a void in your life that none other can fill.  This companionship gets people outdoors, providing more opportunity for social interactions with other people.  They help us develop social connections to those around us, provide structure to our day and make us feel like we have a purpose.


Owning a pet that requires you to get outdoors for daily walks helps you to become more physically active.  Exercise on a regular basis can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels.


Animals serve as a source of comfort and support.  An animal is always present with you – they can help teach you mindfulness which adds a sense of calm to your life.  It is proven that someone who owns a pet is less likely to develop depression.  People can cope with both physical and mental conditions much faster when having a pet around.

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