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Slobber Appreciation

November 16th is National Slobber Appreciation Day!  I think this is something that every dog owner has experience with.  The day was created in 2012 to help bring awareness to the Newfoundland breed who are known for their slobbering abilities.

Here are some facts about doggy slobber to help us celebrate!

Drooling is a reflex.
Drooling is a reflex, not a behaviour. This means that a dog can’t help it, so there’s no point getting angry when you get some dog slobber on your pants or step in a puddle beside you while you’re preparing a tasty dish.

Cool Down.
A dog can drool in attempt to cool themselves down.  When a dog is very hot and there is excessive drooling, warning bells should start going off.  This can be a sign of heat stroke so best to take precautions in this situation.

The Dog Slobber Challenge.
Dog owners have been creative enough to come up with different types of slobber.  Some names include:
Flooger (pinch and flick)
Shoelaces (strings on each side)
Double-shoestrings (2 strings on each side)
Slimed (the name says it all)
Earrings (from mouth to ear)

We would love to see pictures of your drooling pooch, so feel free to share and tag it as #thedogslobberchallenge!

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