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New Puppy Checklist – What You’ll Actually Need

Bringing your new puppy home is an exciting time, but there is a lot of preparation and groundwork that comes with bringing your new family member home for the first time. Here’s a checklist of items we recommend you should acquire for your new puppy:
  1. A clean home. First things first, you must puppy proof your home. Common household items such as wires and plants can be harmful to your dog’s safety, so it is imperative that these items are out of your puppies reach or removed completely.
  2. A crate & bed for sleeping.Whether you’ll be crate training or not, it is best to provide your new puppy with a safe space of their own. A crate allows puppies (and rescues) the comfort and security offered by an appropriately sized crate. A sleeping bed of their own will provide them with a space for naps (and not the couch!).
  3. Chew toys. A new puppy is a chronic chewer and they will chew anything in their path. Make sure you have plenty of dog toys for them to chew on and play with and offer a toy if you find them chewing on something else.
  4. Leash and collar. Introduce your puppy to her leash and collar or harness and get them accustomed to wearing it by wearing it in the house prior to going for a walk.
  5. Puppy food and bowls. Puppies eat often and require a bowl of fresh water nearby.
  6. Grooming supplies. It is best to get your new puppy used to being groomed as soon as possible. Introducing a brush and nail clipper at an early stage will be in their best interest.
  7. Pet Safety Kit. A responsible pet owner will have a kit on hand to keep their animals safe in case of emergency, such as a pet injury, wounds, poisoning, bites, or burns.
  8. ID and Tags. Make sure your puppy has an ID tag secured to their collar (especially during a walk) to prevent loss. Their ID should list their name, your name, as well as your phone number.
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