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Cat Person vs. Dog Person – Which are you?

Have you ever wondered if there are specific personality traits that can determine if you are a cat person or a dog person?  Many studies have been done, and here are some characteristics that we found.

Extroverted vs. Introverted
Dog people tend to be more outgoing, whereas cat people tend to keep to themselves more.  Maybe that’s because dog owners need to get outside with their dogs, therefore socializing is more common than with cat people. Cat people might prefer a night in with their kitties. But then again, dog owners might want that too! The ‘snuggle’ is real!

Energetic vs Laid Back
Dog owners typically have more energy, or more hobbies that require physical activity.  Hiking, long walks and the outdoors are all examples of things dog people probably like to do. On the contrary, cat people typically prefer a more laid-back hobby like reading, crafting, or cooking.

Rule Follower vs. Rule Breaker
Dog people like making rules and following rules.  Dogs tend to do best when they have rules to follow, as do their owners.  Cat people, on the other hand, are more out of the box thinkers and don’t like to conform to rules (much like their cats!).

Open Minded vs. Close Minded
Cat people tend to be more open when it comes to making spur of the moment plans.  Maybe this goes with being able to leave their house more freely than those with dogs.  Dog people must schedule their days out accordingly to accommodate the needs of their dogs, so planning and structure are needed.  They are less flexible and more close-minded to new things.

If these don’t sound like they are accurate for you, don’t sweat it! Everyone is different. I’m wondering if someone can be both a dog person and a cat person?!

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