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5 New Years Resolutions to Make for Your Dog

When the New Year bell rings, we think of the many things we can do to help improve our own lives.  This year let’s take some time to consider what we can do to help our pets stay happy and healthy.  Some are obvious, others you might not think about too often. Let’s get rolling!

  1. Take more walks
    This one is a given. Dogs love the outdoors, so more walks are a must. It might be too cold right now for long treks, but it is a year-round commitment to keep our pets active.
  2. Learn new tricks
    It’s proven that a dog is never too old to learn new tricks. In fact, it can help keep their minds active and get you a happier pup! New tricks usually mean treats too, so you will have a willing student on your hands.
  3. Monthly checks
    Whether it’s checking for lumps, healthy teeth and gums, or tick-checking in warmer weather, there are plenty of things to keep up with each month. Make reminders for monthly preventatives that you will be doing, and when your next vet visit will be.
  4. Wash their dishes
    This is one that may slip your mind. It’s important to wash their dishes as you would your own – with hot, soapy water daily.  If left unwashed, bacteria will grow. Clean those bowls daily to help keep your pup healthy.
  5. Spend more time together
    Probably the easiest of the list, and most important. You are your pup’s whole world, so spending not only more time but more quality time together is key. It is a sad thought, but your pet will not be around forever, though we wish they would. Soak up every second you can with them.
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