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Keeping Your Pet Entertained During Bad Weather

Wintertime can bring weeks and weeks of negative temperatures and stormy weather that just isn’t great for fido. While some winter dogs thrive in it, others just aren’t up for the cold.  So what can you do instead? We’ve come up with some ideas for how to keep your pet entertained indoors.

Indoor Fetch
If you have a hallway or an area large enough that you can toss a toy for fido to get, go for it! It’s not the same as those big parks, but it gets your pup moving and engaged. Throwing in a game or two of tug-of-war won’t hurt, either!

Learn New Tricks
Learning new tricks is fun for both you and your pet!  There are so many things that you can teach your pup, do some research, and find some ideas! This can ease both you and your pet’s boredom, so it’s a win-win!

Obstacle Course
Come up with a variety of obstacles that your pet can go through.   Stairs are the easiest of them all. Have a stool? Your pup can do some hurdles. Have a coffee table? Maybe your pup can learn how to army crawl. There are many ideas out there to get your pup moving inside!

Hide those treats
Get your pup to use that nose and hide some treats around the house. This will definitely be a fan-favourite I’m sure!

Call a Canine Friend
If your pup is social and longing for a canine companion, invite a friend over who has a pet or even offer to pet sit.

This is straight up my favourite thing to do indoors with any pet.  Sure, they’re not getting any exercise, but love is the best medicine for anything.

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