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Why You Shouldn’t Give Pets as Gifts

With the holidays approaching, some people might be considering giving a pet as a gift.  As much as we all love pets and think one as a gift would be a wonderful idea, it’s best to halt that idea and choose something else to give instead.   Studies show that pets who are given as gifts are more likely to be given to shelters.  Here are some reasons why pets don’t make suitable gifts.

Financial Commitment
From food, toys and vet bills, pets are a huge financial commitment to undertake.  The status of someone’s finances is unknown, so it’s best not to give them something that they may not be able to take on financially.

Lack of Time
Pets are wonderful additions to a person’s life, however a person might not have the time required to train or exercise a pet.  Behavioural issues can arise and owners who do not have the time or dedication to helping their pet overcome these can lead to other, bigger problems. It is a long-term commitment that someone might not have wanted.

It’s a Personal Choice
Even if you know a person is looking for a pet, the choice is personal and there has to be chemistry between the pet and the recipient.  The individual may have wanted to be involved in the process of choosing a pet, as it is a fun experience.

If you’re planning to give a pet as a holiday gift, the holidays are busy and overwhelming to begin with.  It isn’t fair for both the animal and the recipient to start off a relationship in such a stressful situation.

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