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Why Do Dogs Roach?

The term ‘roach’ is short for ‘cockroach’. That’s odd, don’t you think? Simply put, ‘roaching’ is when a dog is laying on their back, similar to a dead insect with their bellies exposed and their legs up in the air.

Why do dogs do such an odd thing? There are a few reasons!

COOL DOWN.  When you see a dog ‘roaching’ their bellies are exposed. Those bellies don’t have as much hair on them, so it is the fastest way to cool down sometimes.  Heat regulation is a good reason to roach it seems!

BACK SCRATCHES.  When there’s an itch a dog can’t scratch, roaching can be a solution!  With their back against the ground, you may see their tails moving as well to try and get to that pesky spot.

HAPPINESS.  When a dog lays on their back, they are exposing themselves to any danger that may come.  Roaching demonstrates that they are extremely content and comfortable with their surroundings.  They trust you enough to expose their most vulnerable areas, so it really is a compliment to you.

COMFORT.  When it comes to bigger dogs with longer legs like greyhounds, finding a comfortable position can be quite the challenge.  Laying on their backs with their legs up in the air allows them to relax and not worry about finding a spot that works for their long legs.

BELLY RUBS.  Roaching might be used as a tactic to get belly rubs.  Everyone needs some attention every now and then, so how about a belly rub?

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