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Simple Tips to Prevent Food Aggression

As a responsible pet owner, food aggression is something that you need to take seriously.  Food aggression is a territorial behaviour and potentially dangerous situation if the dog becomes aggressive.  The behaviour can be directed towards humans and/or other animals and can expand to include other things as well like treats or toys. This is called resource guarding. The dog may growl, show their teeth or bite when approached.

Here are some simple tips to prevent food aggression:

Stand near your dog. It is important to stay in the same room as your dog while they eat.  You can get closer to your dog and talk to them. This gets your dog comfortable with your presence during mealtimes and makes them more relaxed.

Hand feeding.  Hand feed your dog small amounts of their food so they understand you don’t mean to pose a threat to their food.  Touch their bowl and pick the bowl up during mealtimes for a minute. Always talk to your dog positively while this is happening.

Consistency.  Feed your dog at the same time each day. You don’t want a dog who is worried when their next meal is coming.

Socialize.  Feed your dog around different people so they are accustomed to eating around new people.  Once you trust your dog, have other individuals who are comfortable with it try hand feeding/bowl touching/taking the bowl away from your dog.

No Aggressive Play.  Rough housing with a dog can indicate that being aggressive is acceptable. You need to create boundaries so that your dog knows what is and isn’t okay.

Be aware. Always be aware of the circumstances of when your dog is eating.  If you have young children, you should never leave them alone with your dog while they eat. Or, if your children are a bit older, teach them how to recognize the signs of food aggression.

If your pet has become aggressive around food, it’s time to talk to a professional. Find a trainer that you can trust and build a relationship with to help work with you to get your pup comfortable with their food.


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