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Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

Seeing your furry friend in any form of pain or distress can be extremely hard.  Anxiety especially can be a hard thing to overcome for not only people, but dogs too. May 2-8 is Dog Anxiety Awareness Week.  A variety of situations can cause stress in dogs, such as separation, strangers in a home, loud noises like fireworks or construction or being in a new place.  Here are some signs of anxiety in dogs and some tips on how we can help them.

Signs of anxiety in dogs:

  • Shedding
  • Licking/excessive grooming
  • Hiding
  • Lack of appetite
  • Body language like cowering/shivering/tail between legs/flattened ears
  • Barking/whining
  • Yawning

How can we help our dogs overcome their stress and get back to feeling better?

Exercise can be a huge help!  Just like people, exercising can help release stress and build up that confidence again.  Getting fresh air and a good walk can help reset your dog’s mind and get back to normal.

Chewing on something like a rawhide or toy can give your pet a release!

Mental stimulation is always a good go to for stress release.  Getting their mind off of what’s bothering them and having them focus on another task can be very beneficial.

A safe space is always a good idea too!  Somewhere like a crate if that’s where they feel comfortable or a bed in a darker, smaller space can help them. Whatever your pooch feels the most comfortable with!


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