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How To Recognize When Your Dog Is About To Bite

We never want to hear that our dog has bitten someone, or fear that we will be bitten by our own dog.  Most bites happen with dogs we know, so there should be something we can do to prevent it right?  Knowing the warning signs of when a dog could bite can help!

So what are the warning signs? Here we go!

Growling or snapping.
This one is obvious. A curled lip or a growl when our pooch isn’t playing with us can indicate that something could happen if the situation goes further.  The important thing to remember is, never discipline the growl.  This is how our dog communicates with us that they don’t like something. If you start to discipline the growl, a dog could bite without any warning.  Instead, learn what about the situation has caused your dog to become irritated and work on correcting that.

Yawns and lips!
A dog may avoid eye contact, yawn and lick their lips when they become irritated. They may not bite right away, but these are all indicators that a bite could happen.

The hackles are up!
When a dog’s fur on their back is raised, this indicates that they are angry or alarmed. This is an indicator that you need to back away or stop what you’re doing.

It’s all about the tail.
A wagging tail always means a dog is happy, right? Not always! A happy pooch will wag its tail with their whole body. A fearful or aggressive dog will wag their tail but will be high, rigid and moving quickly back and forth.

Body language
When a dog is happy, their bodies are relaxed.  So when you see a dog who is stiff and rigid, their ears are pointed up and their tail raised almost as if they are frozen, these are signs that your dog is alarmed.

Resource guarding
A dog is playing with a toy, chewing on a bone or having a snack are all situations where they might become protective over what they have.  This is called resource guarding.  It’s always best to be cautious when around any dog when they have something they really.

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