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April is ‘Adopt a Greyhound Month’!  A whole long month honoring this magnificent breed that can go from being the fastest dog on the planet to a lazy couch potato, both in record time.  We thought we’d bring you five facts to get you more in tune with the Greyhound!

  1. The greyhound is the fastest dog in the world, clocking in at a record 45mph. Their nickname is the “40mph couch potato”. They were originally bred to chase hares, foxes and deer, and now are more of a low-key apartment dog.
  2. Greyhounds are very sensitive. They can react to tensions or a negative atmosphere.  They are better suited for a quieter home.
  3. Greyhounds like to roach! There are 2 types of roaching: 1) A greyhound can lay on their back, usually to cool off.  2) A greyhound can lay on their back to stimulate nerves and pressure points, kind of like a massage. When you think of their long, lean back, they need all the back rubs they can get!
  4. If you’ve been around a greyhound, you probably have heard some teeth chattering! Greyhounds’ teeth tend to chatter when they are waiting for a meal or to go for a walk (something like a “hurry up!” chatter).
  5. Greyhounds have the highest red blood cell count. The more red blood cells you have, the quicker the oxygen goes through the body. With the greyhound being so fast, having a high red blood cell count is key!
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