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Prepare Your Pet For Spring!

Even though we don’t have Spring weather here yet after our weekend’s vicious ice storm, it’s still time to prepare your pet for Spring!

Heartworm prevention

Remember, preventing heart worm is much easier than treating it! Make a visit to your vet to see what preventative is right for you.

Flea and tick prevention

Fleas are a pesky problem for you and your pup. When it comes to ticks, this can cause very serious things like lyme disease. Ticks have been especially bad and some people might have still found some on their pup over the winter months. Learn how to ward off ticks (and fleas) and also buy a tick remover in the chance that you ever find a tick on your pooch.

Shed the winter weight

Warmer weather means longer walks, which is great for dogs and humans alike so we can shed that pesky winter weight. Like humans, dogs need to “get in shape”. Do this safely by increasing the walk length by little bits at a time, always have fresh water, and take breaks when needed.

Alleviate allergies

Not sure if your dog suffers from allergies? Dogs show their allergies through their skin. Here are some signs!

1.    Red and irritated patches of skin

2.    Excessive licking/biting/scratching at an area which can even result in the loss of hair

3.    Red, smelly ears, often accompanied by your dog shaking their head

Allergies can often be hard to determine the cause of.

1. Firstly, make sure that your dog is on a healthy, well balanced diet.

2. Some treatments include frequent baths with shampoos that contain oatmeal or other things for sensitive skin.

3. Clean the areas that your pet spends most of their time. Wipe paws when coming inside as to not track anything around your home.

4. If your dog suffers from extremely itchy feet, a foot bath might help. You can use things like Epsom Salt to alleviate irritation. Make sure that you dry off the paw very well if your dog has a cut on it.

5. I f the allergies are extreme, ask your vet for advice.

Head to the groomer!

Spring is always a good excuse to pamper your pooch! A nice wash and trim can help your pet with the heat, and I’m sure they feel better too! Please remember: dogs that have a double coat should NOT be shaved down. The two different coats both provide different purposes throughout the summer and winter months that help your dog regulate their temperature (in both hot and cold weather) as well as protect your dog from different outdoor factors such as the sun.

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