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Fruits and Veggies For Dogs Too?

When you contemplate giving your dog a treat from your plate, I’m sure you don’t consider a fruit or veggie as something they can have.  But they can!  In fact, fruits and veggies can help provide your dog with a balanced diet and are great sources of different vitamins.  Overweight dogs especially can benefit from fruits or veggies as treats or as replacements as part of their meals.

What are some fruits and veggies that are okay for dogs to eat? Here are a few!

APPLES contain powerful antioxidants as well as vitamin C. This can help prevent diabetes, cancer and even heart disease.

CANTELOPE might be surprising, but it can help with vision and are packed with vitamin A and beta carotene.  These can help reduce the chances of cancer.

BLUEBERRIES are surprisingly packed with loads of nutrients.  They help decrease the chances of cancer and heart disease, as well as prevent urinary tract infections.

PUMPKIN is a surprising, multi-talented vegetable. This orange guy provides fiber, vitamin A and anti-oxidants.  They can be added to your pet’s diet to prevent constipation but also to ease diarrhea.

SPINACH is a powerful vegetable that is not only high in iron, but can help protect against inflammatory and cardiovascular problems, and cancer.

SWEET POTATO are packed with nutrition!  Vitamins E, A, B-6, C, calcium, iron, folate, potassium and iron can all be found here!

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