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4 Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are The Best

Since October is “Adopt A Dog Month”, we wanted to highlight some reasons why shelter dogs make great friends!  Here we go!

Save Money
Shelter pets usually come up to date on their shots and are spayed or neutered.  The cost of adopting tends to be lower (much lower than the cost of a purebred). Some even come microchipped.  The money that you save means lots more to spend on treats and toys to spoil your pet!

Past the Puppy Stage
The puppy stage is all kinds of cute; however, it isn’t for everyone! A shelter dog’s personality has emerged, they are past the mischievous puppy stage and are looking for love!  Not all, but most will be potty-trained so you can skip accidents inside stage!

Matched Up
When you are adopting from a shelter, there are (unfortunately) many dogs to consider.  This gives you the opportunity to adopt a dog who is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.  You may be an older person who is looking for a calmer dog that is already trained – a senior dog might be the best fit! Or you might be a more experienced dog owner who can take on a dog that may have some quirks to work on.

You are Saving a Life

Giving an animal a second chance at happiness is a feeling like none other.  Some shelter animals have gone through terrible experiences.  The love you will get in return will be unconditional and life changing.  They will be forever grateful and loyal to you.

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