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We Love Senior Pets!

We love our senior friends here at Barks N Purrs.  There is something in the eyes of an older pet that is just so knowing and honest.  November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Senior pets tend to be the last adopted.  If you are considering adopting a pet, keep an open mind while searching. Older pets are just as loving, loyal, and fun.

Here are a few reasons to adopt a senior pet.

More suitable to your lifestyle
A puppy is a lot of work. With their energy and youthful mind, a lot of exercise and training is involved.  With some older pets, exercise levels may have slowed down, and they don’t require the long walks that a puppy would.  This could be more suitable to your lifestyle, especially if you have a busy career or your own physical abilities can’t match those of a puppy. Their personality is already set, so you know what you’re getting when you’re adopting a senior pet.

Depending on their past circumstances, senior pets are already housetrained.  Their puppy stage is over, so they are less destructive too.  Senior pets know basic obedience commands and are even capable of learning new tricks!

Older pets have been around and can offer you reassurance in their knowing stare. They can read your emotions and provide you with comfort. Their devotion and appreciation are evident, and they are content with a simple snuggle and just being with you.

Saving A Life
At the end of the day, you are saving a life that is more likely to be forgotten.  Puppies will be adopted long before a senior pet, so in choosing a senior friend you are saving a life.

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