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Being a Responsible Dog Owner

We love our pets and in honor of National Pet Parents Day on April 29, we’re here to share simple ways you can be the best dog owner possible!

Being a responsible dog owner can be a lot of work, so we’re breaking down 10 simple things that you can do for your dog to have a happy, healthy & thriving companion.

Do your research

Understand your dog, their breed(s), and their background. This can be helpful in understanding their nature, grooming requirements, breed ailments and breed behaviours, so that you can encourage their intuitions and natural breed behaviours.

Spay/neuter your dog

Beyond protection of animal over-population, spaying or neutering your dog can reduce stress, roaming and potential health risks.

License Your Dog

A licensed dog is a safe dog! He/she should wear an identification tag with your name, address, and phone number at all times and when possible, micro-chipped for additional safety.

Groom regularly

Brushing and bathing as well as regular teeth brushing for the health of their coat, skin and gums is imperative for their physical health.  

Exercise, exercise, exercise

Just like us humans, our dog pals need regular exercise. Always remember, a tired dog is a happy dog!

Visit your vet regularly and monitor health conditions

Observing your dog’s patterns (like eating, sleeping, drinking and bathroom breaks) and developing an understanding of what is “normal” for your dog will help in identifying when your dog may be sick or in need of a vet visit.

Make doggie friends

Dogs are social creatures and their “pack animal” nature is instilled in them. Not every dog will like the other, so try to identify pets in the neighbourhood your pup socializes well with and make an effort to see them as often as possible.

Have a chat

Your dog finds comfort in the sound of your voice and talking with your dog is helpful with training and taking direction by identifying tone of voice, key words and phrases.

Praise a “good boy”

Sought as the best technique for establishing a good relationship with your dog while training, positive reinforcement is also the most effective in resulting in desired behaviours. It’s simple, praise and reward good behavior.

Spend quality time with your dog

Beyond taking a long walk or playing a game of fetch, quality time means exploring new trails together and introducing them to new things with you.

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