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Home For Every Pet Project

The “Home For Every Pet Project” was created by Royale and is running until December 9th. They are trying to raise awareness about the love of adopting shelter pets, and with every $20+ purchase, you can upload your receipt, and you will receive a $5 off coupon PLUS they will be donating $5 to participating animal shelters across Canada.  They have even been replacing their infamous kitty picture with real pictures of shelter pets. How cool is this?!

We wanted to share this project in hopes of helping our animal shelters who need our help and support to find forever homes for the rescues that come into their care. It is proven that people are more likely to adopt from a shelter after hearing success stories of other rescue tales. If you have a story, share it and tag it! An animal’s life could benefit from you doing such a simple thing.

Here is a rescue story:

My family has been rescuing stray cats since I was a little girl. Having always grown up around cats, I was feeling lonely when I moved into my first apartment. In 2014, I adopted my cat Abbey from Cats R Us in London, Ontario. Abbey was five months old at the time. When I adopted Abbey the rescue had already paid for her to be spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Adopting from Cats R Us was such a great experience that my parents adopted their cat Toby from the same rescue just two weeks after I brought Abbey home. Over the past 6 years Abbey and I have moved multiple times. She is a sassy, affectionate, and playful girl and I am so happy to have her in my life. Recently my fiancé and I added a second rescue cat to our home. I would encourage anyone contemplating purchasing a pet to first consider local shelters and adoption centers as there are so many loving animals waiting for their forever homes. 


If you are interested in adopting or supporting an animal shelter, here are some Canadian rescue organizations to check out:


  1. Adopt a Dog Save a Life

A local Toronto rescue, they work with other animal rescue organizations and shelters to help no animal be at risk. They do not have a physical shelter, but work with volunteers to foster their animals.

  1. HelpAWS

This organization rescues dogs in St. Lucia and they travel to Canada to be adopted.  They are dedicated to educating people about the welfare of animals, caring for stray/abandoned/injured animals, and helping reduce to the animal overpopulation by spaying and neutering.

  1. ARF

Based in London, Ontario, this volunteer-based organization works with First Nation communities and rural areas to find suitable and loving homes for their strays.

  1. Speaking of Dogs

Another Toronto based rescue program that is a Canadian registered charity. They are volunteer-based and have a focus on helping senior dogs.

  1. Toronto Humane Society

This facility in Toronto provides care for different animals in hopes to find them a forever loving home. They also do events and provide education to help people care for their animals.

  1. Canine Haven Rescue

Volunteer based, this Canadian organization is dedicated to eliminating street dog population globally and find them permanent, loving homes.

  1. Dog Tales

Located in King City, Ontario, this is a rescue organization for dogs focusing on those who have been abused and neglected to help them be rehabilitated while they wait for their forever homes.


Have a rescue story you would like to share? Send it our way! We would love to hear it and share.

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