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Everybody Deserves a Massage Week: July 15-21

Are you thinking about how good a massage would feel right now? Guess what? Your dog is thinking the same thing too! July 15-21 is “Everybody Deserves a Massage Week”, and your pup wants to make sure you know he’s included in that!

Massaging your dog has many benefits. Not only is massage good for physical injuries, but it has an affect on all systems of the body. From digestive, respiratory to skeletal, massage can have a positive impact on your dog’s overall health.

Here are only some of the ways massaging your pet can help both physically and emotionally:

Physical Benefits:
-circulates blood flow, which brings oxygen to different areas of the body, promoting pain relief and tissue healing
-helps older/stiff dogs improve their range of motion
-recovery time from an injury/surgery is decreased and reduces the need for medication

Emotional Benefits
-helps anxious or nervous dogs relax and relieves some of their stress
-strengthens the unspoken bond you and your dog share.  Some quiet, relaxing bonding time with your pup really improves your relationship and builds an unbreakable trust.

Massaging specific areas of a dog’s body can help with different things:

Remember to be gentle and really pay attention to any spots your dog might be more sensitive to. This could signify pain, an abnormality like a lump that you might find, or your pup might just not like to be touched in certain places.  You can detect potential problems earlier and hopefully catch them early enough to prevent big health issues.

Not sure how to massage your dog? Check out this article from Dog’s Naturally on How To Give Your Dog A Massage: Top Three Dog Massage Moves.

Get those knuckles cracking and stretch those hands – your dog is in need of a good massage!


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