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Do Pets Enjoy the Radio Turned On?

Dogs are bred to be companions.  So, when we leave the house, we all feel a little guilty about leaving them alone. Some of us decide to turn on the radio or TV to act as company for them. But do pets really enjoy this? Here’s what we found!

Separation Anxiety
Anyone who has experienced an animal with separation anxiety knows how stressful and heart wrenching it can be. For some dogs, music or TV can help ease this. The point of the “white noise” for these pups is for them to associate something calming that doesn’t remind them of you.  So, the music or television can act as a “safety cue” when you leave the house. Research shows that music should be calming and quiet, such as classical music. Or if using the tv, something calm like a cooking show would be best.

Reactive to Outdoor Noises
When you think about it, a lot happens during the day that creates noise. Neighbours come home, dogs bark, kids yell, car doors close and the list goes on and on. Some dogs are very sensitive or reactive to the sounds they hear. Having the radio or “white noise” on can mask unpleasant sounds that could cause unease or can help them come back to a relaxed state faster after hearing them.  This could also help with dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks.


Dogs have sensitive hearing, so it’s best to make sure that the volume of anything you leave on will not become too loud. Also, it’s best to test with your dog if they don’t mind the music/what you are putting on for them. Try turning the music on and watch how your dog reacts. Does he get up and seek silence in another room, or does he lay down and appear relaxed?

In summary, for some dogs, leaving the radio on can be beneficial, while others don’t seem to enjoy it or are not affected by it either way.  It all depends on your dog’s personality, so do what is best for them.

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