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Walking Dogs in the Rain

Now that we are out of the winter season, we will inevitably endure some rainy days! Here are some tips on walking dogs in the rain.

Keep Paws Dry
Some dogs are okay with boots. Once dogs are inside, make sure you dry their paws. This helps reduce the risk of slipping/falling and helps keep their paws in good condition.

Be seen!
When it’s raining, pedestrian traffic is hard to be seen by drivers.  Wear bright colours, have reflective strips on your leash/dog collar and make sure you are visible to traffic.

Indoor Play
When the rain is just too much for your pet (and you!) shorten walks and provide them with some indoor play. Learn new tricks, play with toys and keep their minds active and busy to help tire them out.

Puddles can be fun to jump in, but can carry dirt, harmful bacteria and oil/chemicals. Dogs like to take a water break sometimes and drink from puddles. This is especially common in dog parks that can become flooded in the rain. DO NOT let your dog drink from puddles – diseases can be passed this way. Bring fresh water for your dog instead.

Dogs are tough, so don’t be afraid to get a little wet and have a little fun with your pooch in the rain!

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