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The Signs of Allergies in Pets

I’m sure we all have experienced allergies at some point so we know how irritating they can be.  Did you know that our pets can experience allergies as well?  Where we humans sometimes outgrow our allergies, allergies in dogs tend to worsen over time.

Here are the signs to tell if/when your pet is experiencing allergies:

SKIN that is itchy, red, or dry.  Hair loss can occur.
EYES and NOSE can be watery and runny.
EARS can have recurrent infections or smell “dirty”. Shaking/flapping of the head can be a symptom too.
GASTROINTESTINAL signs like diarrhea or vomiting.

So now that we know the signs, what can we do to help our pets?  Here are some ideas of how to help your pet get through their allergies naturally:

  • A healthy diet is number one. A good, balanced diet boosts your dog’s immune system and helps fight off numerous things. Avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates like corn, wheat, rice and starches as they can increase inflammation in your pet.
  • Bathing your dog. This helps rinse the allergens away. It can help reduce itchy, flaky skin and inflammation. Foot baths are a great thing to do in between baths as dogs will carry in allergens on their feet and spread it everywhere they go inside. Wiping allergens away with a washcloth can help as well.
  • Always have fresh water accessible. Water is the great healer so it’s important to make sure your pet is drinking enough.
  • For Spring cleaning, always make sure to use non-toxic cleaning products. The new fad is “no smell” with the use of products like Norwex microfiber cloths.
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