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The month of August is also known as “RAWGUST” (for those who are keen on feeding their dogs raw!).  It’s a month designated to educate others on the benefits of feeding raw.  There is even a 30-Day Challenge to feed your pet raw food for the month and to observe the benefits in doing so.  Not sure what’s so great about this raw food business? It can be quite controversial.

Here are a few of the benefits along with some of the challenges that can come up with feeding raw!


Dogs who are raw fed typically have smaller poops.  That might not seem like such a big deal, but with larger breeds, the change can be drastic.  There can be negative outcomes like constipation (from too much bone) or diarrhea/runny stool (from too much organ/tripe).  The pet owner can play with the food amounts a bit to determine what the best ratio is.  This can result in the “perfect poo!”  Sounds silly but it can be worth it.


Dental disease is a huge problem for out pets.  Let’s be honest and say brushing their teeth can be a challenge and not something we keep up with easily.  While brushing our pets’ teeth is important, raw food can also help!  Feeding raw, meaty bones can help scrape plaque off your pets’ teeth.  With natural enzymes, a raw diet does not stick to teeth, which helps to prevent plaque build up.  The downside to think about: you must be careful about those raw bones chipping or cracking teeth. Do your research and learn what bones are best for dogs (and which to avoid).


Pets can suffer from many different skin irritations. Sometimes the cause of it is a lack of a balanced, nutritious diet. Feeding raw can help ensure your pet is getting all the nutrients they need, resulting in skin that is no longer red, inflamed, flaky, or irritated.  Food allergies are common in pets and the downside in determining what the exact trigger is can be a lengthy process.  A raw diet also causes an animal’s coat to be smoother and shinier because their skin is less oily and greasy.  So petting is much more enjoyable!

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