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4 Ways to Encourage Positive Behaviour in Your Dog

“Positive vibes only” is not just a saying, but a motto to live by too.  Your pup especially reacts better to positivity.   But how can you encourage positive behaviour to come from your dog?

Here are 4 tips!


A treat based reward system is an example of positive dog training.  Rewarding your dog with a treat every time they do something right is key, whether it be when they listen to a command, respond well to a social setting, or anything really! Treats can be used for so many situations, and always thinking that you will get a treat when you do something right will encourage positive behaviour!

LOVE (affection)

Giving your dog love is key to developing a positive relationship with them.  Creating a healthy partnership full of affection will instill trust, loyalty, and a desire to please.  Your dog wanting to please you will create positive habits.


Developing bad habits such as allowing your dog to jump up on you without a command isn’t ideal.  You may like it, but a stranger may not.  To first teach your dog not to jump up, every time they try, take a step forward at the same.  This will cause them to lose balance and not be able to stay up on you.  If you are consistent in this, they will learn that jumping up is not okay and you can teach them to do so only at your command.


Exercise is a key component to promote any positive behaviour.  A dog will get bored and will become destructive if their exercise needs are not met.  To encourage positive behaviour, exercising your dog and getting them nice and tired is a huge step.  It also reinforces that bond that you share, which is a positive in my books!

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